early to bed, early to rise ... and oxidize


TAML® catalysts are the first highly successful synthetic replicas of peroxidase enzymes. Such enzymes in living things activate hydrogen peroxide to oxidize organic compounds in ways that are reminiscent of combustion. A similar reaction akin to ‘fire in water’ occurs when TAML® catalysts combine with hydrogen peroxide to produce powerfully oxidizing intermediates that readily degrade oxidizable chemicals.

Institute for Green Science


GreenOx Catalysts, Inc. was formed to commercialize technology developed in the Institute for Green Science
(link: greenscienceinstitute.org)

The Institute's research is focused on the design and development of TAML activators and on the chemical and environmental applications they enable.

Patented Technology


GreenOx Catalyst technology is based on hydrogen peroxide activation by the patented TAML® catalyst.


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