Successful Replicas of Peroxidase Enzymes

TAML® catalysts are the first highly successful synthetic replicas of peroxidase enzymes. Such enzymes in living things activate hydrogen peroxide to oxidize organic compounds in ways that are reminiscent of combustion. A reaction also akin to "fire in water" occurs when TAML® catalysts combine with peroxide to produce powerfully oxidizing intermediates that readily degrade oxidizable chemicals.

The TAML® catalysts function at room temperature most naturally from pH 7 to any basic pH, including >14. Variants have been deigned to work at acidic pH. TAML® catalysts do their work efficiently at miniscule concentrations, low µM to nM, typically needing only low H2O2 concentrations, µM to low mM.

By suitable choices of reaction conditions and TAML® catalysts, TAML® + peroxide can be employed to effect selective oxidative transformations.